2012 In Honor of and In Memory of
In Honor of

Rickland Asai, DMD
Christmas wishes, Bobbi Combs
He was an excellent dental student, Katherine Nash Grinnell
Because he's a great dentist and humanitarian., Anonymous

Fred Bremner, DMD
Thank you for all your support, The Dental Foundation of Oregon

Michael Carlascio, DMD
For all his hard work, Brian A. Mitchell, DMD

David Chiovelli, LD
Lance and Marie Pickett

Mary Daly
Finding the life of her dreams, Audrey Thomas

Dental Foundation of Oregon, Tooth Taxi Team, OEA Choice Trust employees and board
Holly Spruance

Dr. Mike Goger
For his dedication to the Tooth Taxi program, Sally Steelhammer

Robert Gootee
Robert Harold

Robert Harold
In memory of his mother, Robert Gootee

Weston W. Heringer, Jr., DMD
Peter Lax, DMD

Dr. Paul and Donna Mae Kunkel
Dr. and Mrs. John Anderson

Heath Lampee, DMD
Lance and Marie Pickett

Alex Lin, DDS
Honorarium, Clackamas County Dental Society

Jennifer McLeod, DMD
Holly Spruance

My referring dentists:Drs. Tony Boeneff, Paul Brent, Darcy Cruikshank, R.K. Dhadli, Phillip Green, Mel Matsuda, Benjamin Russell, Steven Singh
Greg A. Nemchick, DMD

Karen Nolan
Merry Christmas and thank you for your help, Dr. Kenneth Berg, Dr. Cliff Brock, and Dr. Bob Swanberg

OEA Choice Trust Board of Trustees
For your continued commitment to the Tooth Taxi, Paul David and Gail Rasmussen
For all you do for school employees statewide, OEA Choice Trust

Our family who were dentists: L. Wood Swaggart, Marion L. Swaggart, Sherman D. Dahlman, Homer A. Dahlman, Charles C. DeMaris
Robert and Barbara Dahlman

Our referring dentists
Endodontic Associates

Drs. Brian and Cristina Rust
Carla Thibodeaux

Drs. Mike Setter and Shelby Hiles
Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage!, Dr. Andrea Fraser, Alice Gleason, Rachel Kraft, Elizabeth Palmer, DMD, Patrick Ward, DDS

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Merry Christmas!, Steven and Elaine Tenhaeff

Uncle Dick
Todd and Eric Nelson

Christopher Verbiest
Honorarium, Gum Gardeners

Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity
Larry M. Doyle, DDS
In memory of

Scott Anderson, DMD
Richard L. Dietrich, DMD

Gene Asai
Bobbi Combs

David Ashrow, DDS
Dr. Franklin and Debra Rosumny

Marjorie Bennett, RDH
Kathryn Holt

Gillian Carneiro
Dave Carneiro, DMD

James S. Criscione, DDS
Michael J. Criscione, DMD

C. Wayne Drake, DMD
Kathyn Holt

Daniel G. Engle, DDS
Julie Engle Taucher, RDH

Wally Gainer
Geri Francis

Harold and Patricia Grobey
Alan Grobey

Gary X. Haight, DMD
Karen Weliky, DMD

Dick Hoy
Geri R. Francis

Paul Klein, DMD
Dr. Matt and Adele Matthews

Al Leong
Annette Leong

Simon LoSavio
Susan LoSavio

Robert MacIlveen, DMD
Dr. Joseph and Susan Schwartz

Sean Matsuda
Dr. Mel and Stacy Matsuda

Richard Naughton, DMD
Joy C. Arend, DMD
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Asaph
Robert Carmichael, DDS
Jim Darke, DDS
Dr. Peter and Myrna Rae Dowsett
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Durkin
Nathalie C. Heger
Thomas and Selena Johnson
James and Janet Kunkel
Dr. Herb Goodman and Mel Lee
Nancy A. Mitchell
Milo and Beverly Ormseth
Roger and Kathleen Pfiefer
Gerald and Helen Raunig
Laurie and Carl Saxe
James and Barbara Snow
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Stapleton
Joseph and Judith Wright

Thomas Osterlind, DDS
Kathleen M. Parker, RDH
Bill Scharwatt, DMD

Franklin D.R. Piacentini, DMD
Dr. Matthew and Adele Matthews

Paul Puffer, DMD
Clackamas County Dental Society
Rich Cool
Marianna McLean

Clark Roeder, DMD
Steve and Elaine Tenhaeff

George Ronning, DMD
Mrs. Jeannine Ronning
Dr. Joseph and Susan Schwartz

Robert J. Schulstad, DMD
Mrs. Shirley Schulstad

Jeanette Stafford, RDH
Kathyn Holt

Lois Streithof Stewart
Membership and staff of the Oregon Dental Association

Dennis Turner, DMD
Dr. Franklin and Debra Rosumny

Wilber N. Van Ziles, DDS
Eugene O. Kelley, DMD

Vaughn Wedeking, DDS
Carl Vorhies, DDS

Gary C. Wilson, DMD
Eugene O. Kelley, DMD

Bob Wolfe
Dr. Joseph and Susan Schwartz

Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity
Larry M. Doyle, DDS


We Believe Every Child Deserves Quality Dental Care

We advocate for increased funding for children's dental treatment and education. We support community water fluoridation, a proven and safe way to reduce cavities, and we encourage volunteerism in the dental community.

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