#38 Veneta
November 18, 2013 by Mary Daly

If the Tooth Taxi gave out awards for supportive school hosts Veneta Elementary would be a winner.  The staff, teachers, students and parents at this elementary school were most appreciative.  Walking in the hall or escorting students back to class teachers thanked us for our services and for being at their school.  "This is an awesome, awesome thing you're doing."

Teacher Aide: This is so great, thank you for being here. It's awful when a kid says my tooth hurts.

A very appreciative Mom; after she saw the value of donated services for all the work we did on her daughter she started to cry.

"God bless you, thank you, you guys are wonderful" (a parent who came to pick up their child after school).

On Friday school Principal Olivia Johnson treated the team to donuts and coffee; with freezing temperatures each morning a lovely thank you and a welcome treat.

Mrs. Cutsforth's 1st grade class made Catherine a thank you poster; they really appreciated her oral hygiene presentation and all the oral health tips that she shared.

We shared our thanks with the school as well, which was passed on via an announcement over the PA system "Tooth Taxi staff would like to thank you for being so pleasant to work with."

These students have a tremendous need for dental services; we are working on scheduling a 2nd visit to Veneta Elementary this winter; and we'll be glad to return to such a welcoming school.

Joining the Tooth Taxi team and Dr. Bruce Richardson:
Dr. Michael Lacey and assistant Marie Reel
Dr. John T. Robinson and assistant Dawn Cramer
Dr. Leland Nebeker and assistant Donna Snider

Principal Olivia Johnson and Superintendent of Fern Ridge Schools, Dennis Friedrich
Several teachers and educational assistants
Steve Richardson (Dr. Richardson's brother)

Eugene Register-Guard:
Veneta children are all aboard for 'Tooth Taxi' clinic, Local News, Eugene, Oregon
Fern Ridge Review – not available online

From the kid gallery:
"My Dad has a toothbrush that vibrates so he times me brushing; when it beeps he says "other side".

"I have two cavities but they don't hurt."  Dr.: So you've been to the dentist?" A thousand times, the same one!"

"It's where you get tipped over and see TV on the ceiling!" (student's dentist office)

"He's kinda' a cool dentist"

Other notes:
84% of students screened needed treatment
16% needed no treatment.

Veneta, Veneta Elementary School, Nov. 18-22, 2013
•  43 students screened
•  159 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
•  34 appointments in the van
•  $26,596 value of free dental services provided.

Tooth Taxi, September 4, 2008 – Nov. 22, 2013
•  14,043 students screened
•  14,074 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
•  6,929 students treated in the van
•  $3,910,901 value of free dental services provided

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