#16 Portland, Earl Boyles Elementary
May 18 - June 5, 2015 by Carrie Peterson

The Tooth Taxi finished the school year out at Earl Boyles Elementary in Portland. The school staff and students were extremely welcoming and helpful. We found multiple children who had never been seen by a dentist before and a significant amount of unmet dental needs here.

There was a young girl who had just moved to the U.S. from China to live with her Grandparents. They told us she had a hard time with treatment previously in China and had many areas of decay that had been left untreated including a tooth with a temporary left in it. These areas were causing her pain. This girl had no insurance and her Grandparents couldn't afford dental care. The Tooth Taxi team went out of their way to make her feel comfortable and was able to complete all of her treatment without any issues. Later in the week her Grandfather and Aunt stopped by to bring us some delicious fruit and a homemade card they had helped her to make. They were so thankful that the Tooth Taxi had been available to help her and her teeth no longer hurt.

We were fortunate enough to have new volunteer, Hanna Rich, EPRDH, with us for two days during our visit to provide cleanings, oral hygiene instructions and sealants to many of the students. She did a wonderful job educating the students on how to better take care of their mouths, helping to provide a lifetime of improved oral health.

Hannah Rich, EPRDH

Other Notes:
•  63% of students screened needed treatment
•  37% needed no treatment
•  Almost a third of the students screened did not have dental insurance

We Were Able to Provide:
•  30 cleanings
•  99 sealants
•  88 fillings
•  4 pulpotomies
•  6 extractions

Portland, Earl Boyles Elementary
May 18 - 21 and June 2 - 5, 2015
•  35 students screened
•  54 appointments in the van
•  $29,424 value of free dental services provided

September 2008- June 5, 2015
•  16,400 students screened
•  16,920 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
•  8,541 appointments in the van
•  $4,802,797 value of free dental services provided
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