Estacada, Clackamas River Elementary
Estacada, Clackamas River Elementary
April 25 – 29, 2016 by Carrie Peterson

The Tooth Taxi recently made a visit to Estacada where we kicked off the week off with return volunteer Dr. Teri Barichello. One of our priorities here was six-year-old Ruby. She had several areas of decay and five teeth with active infections that were causing her pain. The team was able to complete all of Ruby’s dental care in the week that we were there and provide her with the tools and education needed to keep her cavity free.

Our amazing contact here, Nurse Kelly Ferrara, wanted to make sure that anyone in the district who needed access to care got the opportunity to come on board the Tooth Taxi. She informed all of the neighboring schools that we were coming and we had one high school student come and take advantage of our visit. At 16 he had already lost one permanent molar to decay and now had others that were causing him pain. Two of his molars had become so compromised due to extensive decay that they had broken off at the gum line, leaving just roots that needed to be extracted. After taking care of the broken teeth we were able to clean up large cavities in two other molars saving them from progressing to the point of needing to be extracted.

Dr. Teri Barichello

39 Students screened
27 appointments on the van
$20,124 value of free dental care provided

September 2008-April 29th 2016
• 17,068 students screened
• 18,973 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
• 9,706 appointments in the van
• $5,507,608 value of free dental services provided


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