Culver Elementary Sept. 2016
Culver, Culver Elementary, September 19th-23rd 2016

The Tooth Taxi kicked off its fall travels with a trip to Culver Elementary in Central Oregon. The team enjoyed getting to go into this small community. They experienced great support from the school staff and had engaged and enthusiastic kids on board the Tooth Taxi all week.

Two sisters in particular stood out. The older of the two did great for her appointment, sailing through the work with no apprehension at all. When it came time for her younger sister to get in the chair for her work she was a little nervous. Her big sister came to the rescue, holding her hand and reassuring her that it was nothing to worry about, using her own experiences to put her sister’s mind at ease. We were able to complete all the needed treatment on both of the girls. Later in the week they came out with their parents and had drawings and a thank you card they had made for the team. The parents were not only grateful for the dental services their kids received but for the positive experience the girls had on the Tooth Taxi.

Kid Quotes:

“I’m brushing my teeth more often now, I used to only do it half of the time.”
A 7 year old boy, proud of his improved home care effort.

September 2008-September 23rd 2016

• 17,725 students screened
• 19,013 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
• 10,066 appointments in the van
• $ 5,757,359 value of free dental care provided


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