Klamath Falls, Peterson Elementary, May 23rd-27th 2016, by Carrie Peterson

Klamath Falls, Peterson Elementary, May 23rd-27th 2016

Last month the Tooth Taxi made a long drive to Peterson Elementary in Klamath Falls. We didn’t arrive with enough time to screen the kids before they went home for the day so the team got to work setting up the van and entering patient information so we could make the following day flow as efficiently as possible, maximizing patient treatment time.

Our contact here, Joann Staysa did a great job with getting completed paperwork turned in and recruiting volunteers for us. We had a wonderful parent volunteer who was with us every day. We also had and assistant and office manager from Smiles Dental, a local dentist office, come out and help us for a day. We put them to work making oral hygiene kits, helping us to locate students within the school and the assistant even jumped in to help turn over rooms. We love when the community gets involved in our visits.

We found that even though this group of kids were very well insured, many were walking around with pain or active infection and most had not been to a dentist in the last year. During our 3 full treatment days we were able to screen 67 kids, provide 24 treatment appointments that included 19 cleanings, 26 fillings and 16 extractions totaling $18,420 in dental services at no charge to the families.

Kid Quotes:

“I think I know why my Mom signed me up, I have gingivitis.”

Becca asked, “Are you doing anything fun in school?” Patient, “No, third graders don’t get to do anything fun!

September 2008-May 27th 2016
• 17,262 students screened
• 18,973 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
• 9,793 appointments in the van
• $5,570,588 value of free dental care provided


We Believe Every Child Deserves Quality Dental Care

We advocate for increased funding for children's dental treatment and education. We support community water fluoridation, a proven and safe way to reduce cavities, and we encourage volunteerism in the dental community.

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