Adventure #28 & #29
October 12 – 23, 2015 by Carrie Peterson

Garibaldi Grade School
The Tooth Taxi rolled into Garibaldi with the sun shining and the team got to work screening. With 64% of the kids screened needing work it was a busy week. We welcomed volunteer hygienist, Crystal Miller, who along with our assistant, Becca, provided all of the kids who didn’t have cavities with cleanings and oral hygiene instruction. The tooth fairy was also very busy here as a number of the students had abscessed teeth that needed to be removed.

Seaside Heights Elementary
At this location we were met by health specialist, Carolyn Wells. She worked with us all week to make sure things went smoothly and allowed us to maximize our impact on the students here. We also were fortunate enough to have Crystal Miller, RDH join us at this location as well for two days. First time Tooth Taxi volunteer, Dr. Jeremiah Shakespear, rounded out the week, helping us to provide treatment on Friday.

We got the opportunity to interact with several families here. Getting to know the siblings throughout the day and talking with parents after school made this visit really special and rewarding. The more time we get with families as a whole, the better chance we have of getting our message about the importance of oral health across.

Crystal Miller, RDH
Jeremiah Shakespear, DDS

From the kid gallery:
“Are you a dentist or something?”
“Are you going to pull my teeth? “No, I only clean teeth,” says hygienist. “Good, I like getting my teeth cleaned.”
“I pulled a tooth because I needed money.”

Other notes:
“Thank you so much for all of your experience and time you spent helping our family have healthy smiles for life.”
Thankful words from a Mother of six.

106 students screened
216 students received oral hygiene presentations in their classroom
111 appointments in the van
94 Sealants placed
87 cleanings
118 fillings
28 extractions
$57,559 value of free dental services provided

September 2008- October 23, 2015
• 16,923 students screened
• 17,426 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
• 8,958 appointments in the van
• $5,067,119 value of free dental services provided

#27 Estacada SBHC
October 5th - 9th, 2015 by Carrie Peterson

The Tooth Taxi was able to provide services to students from multiple schools in Estacada earlier this month. After we screened students in two elementary schools their amazing school nurse, Kelly Ferrara, did a fantastic job of getting students from each school to our location near the high school.

We had one student from the high school take advantage of the fact that we were so close. She knew she had cavities but transportation and finances had made it difficult for her to get to a dentist. Several of her teeth were becoming sensitive due to the untreated decay. She really wanted to get her cavities taken care of and made the commitment to come in before school three mornings in a row to get her work completed. The team was able to provide her with a cleaning, two sealants and eleven fillings. That’s just shy of $3,000 worth of free dental services she was able to receive.

This trip also put the Tooth Taxi over the $5,000,000 million dollar mark for the value of free dental services provided to students since its inception in September 2008. So, to our current staff who are the boots on the ground every week, to past staff who helped lay the foundation, to school nurses, secretaries and principals, to all of the volunteers that so graciously share their time and talent with us and to the organizations that continue to support the Tooth Taxi, THANK YOU! The level of care we are able to provide would not be possible without you.

Other Notes:
65% of students screened needed treatment

24 students screened
192 students received oral hygiene presentations in their classroom
34 appointments in the van
$19,637 value of free dental services provided

September 2008- October 9th 2015
• 16,817 students screened
• 17,210 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
• 8,847 appointments in the van
• $5,009,560 value of free dental services provided
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